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You'll be Forever Sherman

31.03.02 - 23.06.06

June 18 2006, a perfectly nornal, day as we thought until Chubbs was taken ill later that night...after a five day battle for life Chubbs crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday 23rd June 2006...GDV, bloat, the Silent Killer had claimed another victim.

Chubbs I remember the day I first saw you, you were 8 days old, a big boy and even at that young age you were showing character.  By the time you were 4 weeks old you made sure you kept everyone on their toes and by the time you reached 6 weeks I took you home because you were causing chaos!  You seemed to have been born with a truly chaotic skill, tuned and honed like a fine steel blade!.  You very quickly earned the nickname Sherman, yes it was after the tank!


Within weeks of you arriving you'd decided you liked to chew your Dad's feet, ouch wasn't the word he used but I'd better use that word here!  You also had a taste for socks, underwear, shoes and my makeup, you managed to scare us by running headlong into an outside brick wall, I remember the thud as your head hit the wall, my heart almost stopped, what did you do, you looked at me, shook your head and carried on playing!  You managed to pull my curtain down, not just the curtains but the whole lot came away from the wall!  You leapt through a shed window almost giving your Dad and me a heart attack right there and then!  You made everyone laugh at training class including me and the trainers, You thrived on it, you really loved it and together we made a pretty good team, I remember how my heart swelled with pride the night when you were almost 10 months old and you achieved your Bronze and Silver Good Citizens Award, our trainer Caroline was so proud of you she really was, we all were and still are.  Time marched on, you grew and so did the trail of damage you managed to achieve with such ease!


We loved taking you to Companion shows you charmed your way through, even managing to beat your half brother Charlie a couple of times!  You'd do anything to please me and your Dad, not a mean bone in your body!  Your life was cut tragically short, you were just too young to die, to young to cross the Bridge.  Oh Chubbs how you were loved by so many, how you are still loved and you know boy, you'll never be forgotten. 


And so I sit here now trying to stem the flow of tears because you were so brave right to the very end, we loved you yesterday, we love you today and tomorrow boy we'll love you more.  The Earthly bond may now be broken forever but the Spiritual bond remains, Spirit never dies, it lives in the hearts of those you touched, and there's many of them I know for certain.  So boy, run free, in the land where pain isn't known, there's no illness, no unhappiness and no rain, it's a glowing land way beyond the stars.  We'll meet again my boy, oh yes we'll meet again, but "till then my sweet boy, my beautiful Chubbs, you'll remain in our hearts your Our Forever Sherman.

The above picture has always been a fave of ours, I'll never forget the look on Terry's face as he stood there taking life in his hands to get me this fantastic shot, it's easy to see from this where Sherman came in isn't it!  One thing I know for sure, he wouldn't be a knocking on Heavens' Door, he'd just have barged his way in!

Your sadly missed boy, run free, love Mum and Dad

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