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Today My Life Began. Although I am nothing more than a tiny being invisible to the eye, my entire body and soul are already determined. I am a girl. I am gentle and love children. I will have stand-up ears and dark brown eyes that show all the love I have to give. I am a rascal. My inborn urge to dig will bring me trouble. My teeth are sharp and my body strong and athletic but I will never use them against people, for I am born to love people. I can hardly wait.
Today I am born. I have four brothers and five sisters. They are all warm, soft and cuddly like myself. We don't do anything except nurse and sleep to prepare for our future lives.
I have opened my eyes for the first time. My mother is large and has a beautiful stand-off coat like I will have. My litter mates and I still spend most of our time eating and sleeping.
Today I tried my legs. They are shaky, but I persevere and will succeed. I begin to play with the others and frighten myself with my woo-woos. Our people pick us up each day and hold us closely, talking quietly. When they stroke me, my body can hardly contain my happiness. It quivers with joy, and I use my tongue to show them.
We are growing quickly and have learned to eat from a pan. We move around and climb out of our box. Our people say we are little pests and put us into a larger pen, hugging us to soothe their words.
I have a name now. It is "Midnight Lace." I am called Lacy by my people. My family is full of bounces, kisses and mischief. We have many toys and the children in the family romp with us, making the house come alive with laughter and fun. I am beginning to learn what "No, Lacy" means.
New people have come into our world, and some of my brothers and sisters have left. Everyone shows me love, and I return it.
Today I came to a new house. The people are not my people but they seem nice. I am happy as long as my tummy is full and I am loved. I eat my supper and the children take me out. I do what I am supposed to do, and they say, "Good Lacy." We have a good time playing.
Today the children forgot to take me out and I did something bad. I heard a big "NO!", and I am in disgrace. I know I did wrong and will try not to misbehave anymore.
Things are different here, and people don't have much time for me. I spend as much time lying around and sleeping as I did when I was a little puppy. I am bored, and I find things for myself to do. My people are not happy. They raise their voices, and I do not feel the loving touch from their hands as often.
I am much bigger and I need care and training. Too much, the people say. They say they did not know I would be so big. They say they did not know they would have to brush my coat so often or that I would shed so much. They say I dug a hole in their flower bed. I say I am sorry with my eyes, but they do not see.
Today I was taken for a long ride. Usually I love to ride, but this time was different. I was taken away at night, and the man was very quiet. The lady was crying, and the children were sleeping, I felt upset. Then the car door opened, and I hopped out, ready for romp. But the door slammed, and the car drove away. I am frightened. I am hungry. I wait.
I have waited a very long time. My tummy hurts. I am not happy. I have seen people at their houses, but they have no love for me. My eyes shine with the love I have to give, but nobody wants it.
I try to find food. I am hungry. I dig through some garbage, but there is so little food, and people come out to yell. I run across the road. It is dark, and a car hits me, throwing me into the gutter.
For some time, I lie still. Finally I get up because the ache in my stomach is worse than the pain in my leg. I walk through the night searching for what I have lost. But I cannot find it. I lie down to wait . . .I Know not what for.
Today a man came. He called me. He did not say, "Here Lacy," like my people did, but he said, "Here, doggy." He seemed kind. I am so afraid, but my leg hurts and his touch is gentle. He puts me in his car. We got to a large place with many other dogs. I have my first full meal in a long time.
Another looks at me. My leg is very painful, and my heart is full of grief. My beautiful coat is no longer shiny, and my bones show through it. My eyes still glow and I lick his hand. He says, "What a shame. This was a beautiful dog, but nobody will want her now."
  Today My Life Ended.

 Author Unknown

**Sadly this is something that is repeated time and time again, PLEASE do your research BEFORE choosing your pet and remember ALL pets need care and love, ABOVE ALL THEY NEED TIME AND PATIENCE**

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